What’s My Design Style?

Whether we know it or not, we all tend to have a unique style and design we lean toward.  Some of us have one specific design style, but most of us fit in to one or more category. Past and present design trends have made it into our lives in some way, shape or form. Although design styles and trends continue to evolve, we are left with these categories and subcategories we are most familiar with today. Need help? Contact our design team today for complimentary advice at design@setthetablecustomfurniture.com. 


This design category is a result of Europe’s design influence from the 18th and 19th century. Those who favor traditional design, tend to have an appreciation for antiques, art, and other pieces that    have a historical value. Luxurious comfort is a must for those favoring traditional inspiration. You may enjoy subtle or neutral wall colors, but like furniture or other decorative items that stand out in bold, dark colors and/or patterns. Patterns of this style may include damask, stripes, paisleys, plaids and florals. Rich and warm woods species such as Walnut, Cherry, and Oak, fit into this category. 


 Modern design refers to a time or era that already has passed. You prefer clean, crisp and sleek lines. Colors you choose tend to be more nature-like; off-white, rust, olive green, browns, and dark blues.  Materials used in modern design may include wood and stone. Geometric patterns fit into this category. Although many wood species and stain colors can fit into this category, the woods used tend to be of warmer tones. Other design terms used in this category may include, Mid-Century Modern or Art Deco. 


 The looks of the here and now. A Contemporary style tends to be more aligned with trends that have occurred later in the 20th century.  Sometimes synonymous with the Modern design category,  a Contemporary style usually indicates the use of more curved lines than that of those in the Modern category. Typically a minimalist approach to decorating, you tend to choose neutral colors, specifically browns, taupes, off-whites and whites, but may use a pop of color in a throw pillow or piece of artwork.  Wood species used in Contemporary design are usually those with very little grain, such as Maple, and tend to be lighter in color. Other materials used in Contemporary design may include metals and clear glass. 


 A category of design used to explain a style coming from an industrial warehouse, loft, factory, etc.  You tend to enjoy open spaces that use to serve another purpose.  High ceilings, exposed brick or wiring, and an urban feel are your fortay. You tend to choose more neutral colors which may include browns, grays or black. Materials included in this category are usually dark woods, metal and brick. 


 You like a little bit of everything. Never thought you had a design style? Guess what. You do!  Eclectic design is a category that many fall in to. You tend to choose items for your home that could fit in to several different categories or in various periods of time. You are able to pair patterns and colors, some matching or coordinating, others contrasting. You may choose a neutral wall color, but incorporate bold colors and textures in various pieces of artwork, throw pillows, or furniture. An Eclectic style may encompass metals, paired with stone, wood, or other finishes. You enjoy the color and grain of many wood species, and most likely have different wood species throughout your home.  

French Country/Shabby Chic

 Oftentimes, the French Country or Shabby Chic design terms are used interchangeably. Those who enjoy this category of design, tend to decorate with pastels or light colors, and incorporate distressed and/or painted woods. You have a more casual approach to decorating, and tend to like pieces that are timeless but have beauty and comfort. Soft fabrics paired with worn or vintage wall decor, tell the story of your home. Other terms often used to describe this category may include: Farmhouse, Cottage, or Vintage. 


A Rustic design style often refers to those that enjoy raw, natural beauty in the elements in which they choose to decorate. A person with a Rustic design style may enjoy decorating with earth tones such as browns, greens, grays, and rust, and usually tend to choose wood, stone or metal that are or appear to be in their natural state. They may be worn, or seem to have come from an era long ago. Distressed furniture is often found in this category. Hickory, Rustic Hickory, Rustic Cherry, and Quarter-Sawn White Oak, are all species of wood that would work well for those wanting to create a Rustic space. 


 Those with a decorating approach that resemble items found on our near the ocean, beach or lake, have a Coastal design style.  If this is you, you may choose to decorate in hues of whites or pastels, or in vibrant colors like blues, yellows, oranges, greens and reds. Oftentimes vintage or distressed woods are used in more natural stains, mimicking driftwood or other pieces that may have washed ashore. Bold patterns like stripes, geometrics, or florals can often be found in this design category. If you are a wanting a coastal vibe, you don’t have to live on the coast! However, materials you may want to consider using in your decorating could include jute, stone, wood, linen and various metals. 

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