From Forest to Furniture


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From the Forest 

When the lumber company acquires trees for harvesting either through individual landowners or from industrial or state timberlands, the selective harvesting method is used. The logs are loaded and hauled back to the lumber yard where they are then graded and scaled to determine quality and use. Next, the logs are made into plank boards, and are further inspected and graded.  Grading is used to determine the number of defects vs. clear spots on the boards. Those highest graded boards are used almost solely for the creation of cabinetry and fine furniture. After the grading process takes place, the hardwood planks are sent to the kiln for drying. While in the kiln, the moisture content of the wood is gradually reduced, thus helping to mitigate any cracking or warping that could otherwise occur. The kiln dried wood is then sent to our team of talented craftsmen, where they are ready to create your one-of-a-kind piece. 


Designing Your Furniture

Start customizing your table by utilizing all of our online tools under the Customize Your Table tab to start the design process on your table and chairs.  Needing ideas or inspiration? Get inspired by clicking on the  Shop Dining tab where you can see examples of dining tables and chairs in various room scenes. You can also visit this tab to purchase dining sets exactly as they are displayed on the website. If you would like to order samples, simply click on the Wood Species and Stain Options tab in the middle of the homepage. Here you can order up to 10 different wood species and stains to find that perfect color you're looking for. Need help with your design? Click on the Contact Us tab and we will be in touch to help determine what style and design might be best for you. 


Handcrafting Your Custom Piece

Once you have finished your design and have placed your order, You will receive a confirmation code. Your unique order is sent directly to our facility where our talented, Amish Craftsmen will begin constructing your furniture. Because numerous steps go in to the manufacturing, staining and finishing of the furniture, this is typically an 8-10 week process with an additional 2-4 weeks needed for delivery. Please note that more time may be needed based on the time of year that your order is placed. 


Shipping to Your Home

When your custom order is completed and ready to leave our finishing facility, you will be contacted by our shippers who will set up a delivery day and time that works best for your schedule. Your table and chairs will be set up in your home by our White Glove delivery service.


Your New Heirloom

The last step of our process should be the most important. After receiving your furniture, it is finally time for you to enjoy it. This is your one-of-a-kind, work of art. Once a beautiful tree in the woods with an unknown history, it's time for your table to begin its story. Create memories, share great meals, and love your new heirloom that is now the perfect addition to your home.

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