What Table Shape is Best for My Home?


Offers the versatility of the traditional rectangular shape, coupled with the advantages of an oval table. Nice rounded ends are combined with straight sides to create a more formal but unique dining experience.

Clipped Corner

Like a rectangular table, but the corners are clipped off at a 45 degree angle. Another option for those wanting the perks of a rectangular table, but with a little more pizazz. 


Medium in formality, this table shape offers the comfort of smooth, rounded corners, with room for expansion. Great for areas where space is not an issue. 


Unique and more modern in shape, offering the same advantages as a round table but with extra flair. Also perfect for game tables in a basement or man cave. 


A great option for those looking for something a little more formal. Great for dining rooms, or those with traditional decorating tastes. Perfect for narrow rooms as rounded edges take up less space. 


The most common and versatile table shape. A rectangular table fits almost every decorating style. Great for long, narrow areas or areas where plenty of space is available. 


 The perfect table shape for conversation. A round table allows you to see everyone sitting at the table. Also great for areas where space is more limited. 


More modern in shape, although less formal. Great for smaller spaces and for those wanting close and intimate conversation. 

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