What Size Table Do I Need?

What Size Table Do I Need?

When choosing the size and shape of your table, keep in mind that the size of your room or space is imperative and must be determined prior to choosing your table size. 


Step 1: Measure your room in feet and convert to inches. For example: Your room measures  8’ wide x 10’ long = 96” wide x 120” long


Step 2: Take your measurements in inches and subtract 40” from each length and width. This is the amount of space we recommend one would need to pull chairs out, while also allowing enough space for a person to walk comfortably behind. These dimensions will give you the largest size table that you could fit in your space. For example:  96”-40” = 56” wide, 120”-40”= 80” long. Therefore, the largest table you would be able to fit in your space would be 56” wide  x 80” long


Step 3: Determine how many people you would like to sit at your table. The rule of thumb is to figure 24” per person seated at the table. This takes into consideration, space for comfort as well as room for table settings. For example: I would like to seat 8 people at my table. A 42” wide x 72” long table would fit in my space of 56” wide x 80” long, and would allow 1 person to sit  comfortably on each end and 3 to sit on each side


Step 4: Measure doorways, hallways, and stairwells to make sure your table size will fit prior to ordering. Measure doorways (height and width) as well all stairways and hallways to determine what size of table will be appropriate for your area. Please note that all table bases (legs, pedestal or trestle) will be assembled to the tabletop upon arriving in to your home. All chairs and benches will come fully assembled. Please remember, it is your responsibility to make sure your new furniture will fit in your home. Questions? Contact us at info@setthetablecustomfurniture.com

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